Namib Desert 2005 & 2007

    • Namib dunes
    • Blue and sand, colours of the Namib
    • Namib desert crossing
    • Some got stuck in the desert
    • Desert chameleon
    • View from Sylvia Hill
    • Black-backed jackal on the desert flats
    • Driving in a small convoy through the desert
    • Another desert chameleon
    • Skeleton Coast
    • Sandboarding
  • It is a unique travel experience to cross the Namib, the oldest desert in the world, in a 4×4. For seven days it is just you and your vehicle and the beauty of desolation. It touched our souls deeply.

    The trip starts at Luderitz and ends at Walvis Bay. If you’re lucky, like us, you’ll see oryx, springbok, black-backed jackal, brown hyaena (strandwolf), all are survivors along the southern part of the infamous Skeleton Coast. Whale bones and shipwrecks like the Edward Bolen testify to the fact that others have succumbed. While Meob Bay is reminiscent of the coastline’s fishing history, Grillenberger ghost town and Charlottenvelde are relics of the diamond prospecting history.

    Along with the many faces of the Namib there’s the thrill of Namib dune driving. The spice-coloured sunsets have a magic charm and made us do it all again two years later.