2013 Aug 23, Masai Mara

    • Masai Mara sunset
    • Mara daybreak
    • Masai Mara sunrise
    • Mara ellies on savannah
    • Hyaena cub nipping mom's flank
    • Saddle-billed stork with catfish
    • Catfish caught by Saddle-billed stork
    • Bateleur displaying
    • Thompson's gazelle
    • Malachite kingfisher
    • Zebra on Mara plains
    • Daryl Balfour & Jannie
    • At the mess table
    • Masai farewell
  • Lionesses in camp! Lunch was almost over when one of the Masai scouts who guard our unfenced camp day and night came to say there were lions in our ranger’s tent. Of course everyone made fun of him – Alexander Rostocil – and then piled into safari vehicles to go take a closer look. Some of the staff had never seen a lion and were given a ride as well. The two lionesses simply passed through and settled in the croton bushes just above camp. For the rest of the day we’ll be on alert as we walk around camp. They may have come through from Tanzania as our host, wildlife photographer Daryl Balfour from wildshotssafaris.com, is not familiar with them.

    It’s another hot and muggy day, and I’m sure we’ll have showers before the afternoon is over. Last night lots of rain, then all clear after dinner so that we could enjoy the campfire. Outstanding wines from Rust & Vrede, Guardian Peak, Waterford, Fairview and Crystallum all week – plus some Bordeaux and Pinot Noir from Otago, New Zealand. Last night we compared a 2000 and 2007 R & V Estate Blend, what a treat. Jannie in fine form as he presents the tastings.