Amboseli 2011

    • Amboseli waterhole
    • Spotted hyaena
    • Buffalo wading
    • Amboseli landscape in the dry season
    • Maasai on safari
    • Swainson's Spurfowl
  • Amboseli National Reserve is Kenya’s most visited wildlife area. It is known especially for its elephants, of which we saw plenty, and the view of Mt Kilimanjaro’s snow-capped peaks – which was denied us. We visited the Observation Hill for sweeping views over the entire park and decided this was an excellent place for a picnic lunch.

    We left Nairobi on the very good tarmac road in the direction of Mombasa up to the Athi river junction. From there we took the A104 south to Namanga town on the Tanzanian border. Just before the custom offices, you take the small road on your left going up to Meshanani, the reserve’s main gate. Distance Nairobi-Namanga (A104) : 162 km (tarmac road) & Distance Namanga-Gate : 76 km (non tarmac).

    At Kimana Gate’s brand new campsite, we were probably the first visitors ever, since they were still tiling the ablutions. The monkeys were a pest! Camping: US$75/day, vehicle fees Ksh 300.