2013 Aug 21 Masai Mara, Kenya

    • Drama building up on the Mara river bank
    • Let's go!
    • Croc with prey
    • When the odds are against you
    • Giraffe in love
    • Musketeers
    • Necking gets you stuck
    • The piggy that did not live to tell the story
  • First day without showers. So far we have seen two excellent crossings of the Mara River with thousands of wildebeest massing before a brave few hundred take the plunge. Today we had a gruesome sighting of a croc turning over and over in the water to drown a wildebeest. The crocs are gigantic and make absolute pigs of themselves, catching and killing wildebeest and then abandoning the bodies because they are completely gorged. Wasteful to the extreme. Wildlife photographer and our host Daryl Balfour keeps positioning us perfectly for brilliant shots of Mara drama…such as a lion kill of a warthog, with the pig still blinking its eyes 20 minutes later, half its body devoured and ripped apart. Africa is not for the faint-hearted.