2013 Aug 22, Masai Mara

    • Eland sparring
    • Breakfast in the bush
    • Little bee-eater
    • Handsome impala ram - look at those horns
    • Hippo love
    • Sunrise outside our tent
    • Motion blur
    • Mara 22 Aug004
    • Hot pursuit
    • Tawny eagle
  • Every day in the Mara feels like it cannot get any better, and then we are surprised again by another event that unfolds right in front of our eyes. Yesterday at twilight, a leopard stalking impala (unsuccessfully). This morning, a lioness on the hunt, completely focused on a herd of zebra. We sat with her for 90 minutes, and finally her impatience cost her the meal. To be guided by the best is pure bliss – time flies yet we are collecting a lifetime’s memories.